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The Point Guard’s Responsibilities

By Paul Tayyar, eteamz.com Point Guard is arguably the most difficult of the five positions to play on the floor. He is responsible for getting his team into its offense, making sure all of the players are aware of their roles on the floor, and, above all, creating scoring opportunities for both the players around … Continue reading

How to coach young players by John Calipari

Had a few things on my mind today that I wanted to share with the Big Blue Nation. People have asked me so many times, “How in the world do you get young players to play like they do?” And it’s not just the 18 freshmen that we’ve had the last four years; I was … Continue reading

Basketball Coaches and Starbucks Push For Affirmative Action

They may be strange bedfellows, but there is one issue of national import that the National Association of Basketball Coaches, the Obama administration and Starbucks have come together to support: affirmative action. Last week these parties, alongside more than five dozen other groups, told the Supreme Court they believe universities ought to be able to … Continue reading

Black offensive assistants encounter roadblocks to becoming NFL head coaches

Two Sundays ago, nearly an hour after completing a dubious debut as the Baltimore Ravens’ offensive coordinator, Jim Caldwell waited outside the visitors’ locker room at M&T Bank Stadium, hoping to get a few words with Peyton Manning. When the Denver Broncos’ future Hall of Fame quarterback learned that Caldwell, his close friend from their … Continue reading

Researches Challenge ” Idea of Intelligence” in the classroom.

For low-income and minority middle school students across America the message is, all too often, “you can’t.” It’s reinforced in the classroom, in the media, among peers, and it’s also the message from education statistics: high school dropout rates are uneven by district, college grades remain stubbornly unequal. But researchers from Stanford are aiming to … Continue reading

Peyton’s speech: The ultimate teaching opportunity for any coach or father

Posted by: Pete Roussel on March 23, 2012 To the surprise of none, Peyton Manning exhibited total class and supreme respect at all levels during his two recent press conferences. Manning’s exit speech in Indianapolis and introduction speech in Denver would serve well as a teaching opportunity for any coach or father. Coaches often talk … Continue reading

This Day in Black History: Dec. 21, 1976 Patricia Roberts Harris appointed Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development by President Jimmy Carter.

Educator and former U.S. diplomat Patricia Roberts Harris was named Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development by President Jimmy Carter on Dec. 21, 1976, becoming the first Black woman appointed to a presidential cabinet position. Born in Mattoon, Ill., Harris excelled in school. She attended Howard University, graduating in 1945 (she would … Continue reading

This Day in Black History: Dec. 23, 1919

On Dec. 23, 1919, inventor Alice H. Parker of Morristown, New Jersey, patented her design for the gas heating furnace. Parker’s design would help provide central heating in millions of homes and buildings around the world today. Parker’s gas heating furnace revolutionized how people heat their homes. With her invention, people no longer needed to … Continue reading

Little Known Black History Fact: A Slaves’ Christmas Dec 23, 2012

During slavery, some slaves were given a day of rest while others were forced to continue work. In some parts of the country, slaves were given a yule log to burn in the big house. As long as the log burned, they were granted rest during the holiday. Sometimes the log would burn until the … Continue reading

Black Leadership or Pleadership?

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” This famous quote from Frederick Douglass brings to mind the predicament of Black folks in this country relative to those upon whom we depend to put forth our demands for political reciprocity. Are they really leading (demanding), or are they simply pleading? … Continue reading

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