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Long term effects of skipping your reading homework

Not every student loves reading, there’s no argument on that. We’ve talked about a lot of resources for learning to read and making reading fun and easy for students, but we haven’t really talked about where that reading fits in to the larger picture of a students’ education.

Though the information in the infographic below isn’t very new (the reference notes 1987), the numbers still hold true. A student who reads 20 minutes per day will read 1,800,000 words by the end of the sixth grade, compared with a student who reads one minute per day, who will read only 8,000 words. The student who reads one minute per day will only read .004% of what the 20 minute reader will read. Think about how much more information the 20 minute reader will have absorbed over time!

I think this lesson is important for adults, too. When you’re not in school anymore and have ‘real life’ responsibilities like working and taking care of a house, spouse, and children, things like reading can fall by the wayside. Even if you’re reading for a short while before bed, think of all that you could learn and absorb in that short time! Even if you’re reading romance novels instead of Classic Literature – that’s ok! Reading is reading! Get lost in a great book, and you’ll remember why you’re encouraging your students and kids to do the same!

(Thanks to the Perry Lecompton School District in Perry, KS, for the infographic!)




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