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What is the image of the Black Athlete

These surveys results are part of an ESPN article The Black Confidential

Very positive: 8.8 percent
Somewhat positive: 42.5 percent
Neither positive nor negative: 25 percent
Somewhat negative: 17.5 percent
Extremely negative: 6.2 percent

Female Olympian: “C. I have to go in the middle. Somewhat positive, because the African-American youth look up to African-American athletes. A lot of African-American athletes in the limelight right now come from nothing to something. They’re really trying to be proactive in the community and show through their story that you can make something of yourself if you’re determined enough. But I also think there is a negative connotation that all we have is sports because we’re not educated, and all we have is natural talent, and all we want is to make the money and not do anything to get there. So I think there is a little bit of back and forth between positive and negative.”

NFL player: “Extremely negative. Everybody thinks that we spend all our money on cars, rims, etc., and that we are outspoken and not really hard workers. None of that is true.”

WNBA player: “It’s sad. I hate talking about it, really. The image is terrible, and to be honest, I think people and the media in general just look at the negative too much. There are a lot of strong, hard-working black athletes who do great things. But that’s lost in the news.”

Boxer: “Somewhat negative. Look at Floyd Mayweather. He’s one of the best boxers ever. But when he was Pretty Boy, he was not a big name. Now that he’s Money Mayweather, with a flashy persona, that’s what people get behind. With blacks like him, probably most of white America wants to see him lose.”

MMA fighter: “It’s D, somewhat negative. But over the last decade, it has gotten better. Our image still suffers with some of the preconceived ideas of selfishness, overextravagance, unfaithfulness.”



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