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14 Qualities of a Master Coach

by Alan Stein3. December 2012

I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with, learn from and talk shop with several Hall of Fame caliber basketball coaches over my 14-year career. From dinners with Bobby Knight & Hubie Brown to watching Coach K & John Calipari run practice to private meetings with Kevin Eastman & George Raveling to working for Mike Jones at DeMatha – I’ve been able to closely observe the qualities of a master coach.

I recently had the pleasure of spending time in Mexico with two of my mentors, and two master coaches in their own right, Don Showalter and Tates Locke. Coach Locke had a list in his notepad that inspired this blog.

Here are 14 qualities of a master coach:

A master coach has a purposeful mission.
A master coach is a big thinker.
A master coach has high character.
A master coach embraces change.
A master coach has empathy.
A master coach takes calculated risks.
A master coach has a high basketball I.Q.
A master coach is decisive.
A master coach uses authority appropriately.
A master coach is an effective communicator.
A master coach is a servant leader.
A master coach is courageous.
A master coach is fully committed to the betterment of their players (on and off the court).
A master coach works on their craft every single day.
How many of these do you do?

To piggyback on #13, master coaches constantly search for resources to help their players.

This video is an excellent resource for players looking to gain body weight during the season:

Train hard. Train smart. Get better.

Alan Stein

PS: Like the rest of the basketball world, I was saddened by the loss of Coach Rick Majerus. My thoughts go out to the Majerus family and St. Louis basketball program. I had the honor of having dinner with Coach Majerus several years ago. He was a basketball savant and engaging storyteller. He was absolutely a master coach. R.I.P.



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