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All Children Deserve Teachers Who Care About Them

THE BLOG Marian Wright EdelmanAug 30, 2013 “You see a lot of teachers judge and stigmatize their students based on where they come from. A lot of my teachers thought that since I was from the South End of Louisville and I grew up in Section 8 housing that I wasn’t capable of doing all … Continue reading

Leaders, Stop These Behaviors Now

HBR.ORG 3 Hours Ago – Management Tip of the Day If you want to empower, engage, or motivate others, don’t just focus on increasing your positive behaviors. Pay attention to the things you need to stop doing at the same time. Here are three to avoid: Judgmental body language. No one likes perceived condescension. Watch … Continue reading

Employers failing to sustain change management initiatives

HR MAGAZINE 2 Hours Ago , study finds by Tom Newcombe Tom Newcombe , 30 Aug 2013 Only a quarter of employers achieve long-term gains from change management initiatives, according to a Towers Watson study. The study blames a lack of long-term success on companies’ inability to prepare and train managers to be effective change … Continue reading

As Outside The Lines recognizes the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, essayist Chris Connelly shares his memories of that day

FRONTROW.ESPN.GO.COM 20 Hours Ago by Chris Connelly Aug. 28, 1963: A young Chris Connelly (R) with his mother (L) and grandmother during the March on Washington. (Photo courtesy of Chris Connelly) Editor’s note: ESPN essayist/reporter Chris Connelly was at “The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom” in Washington, D.C. 50 years ago today. In … Continue reading

Remembering Bill Russell’s role in the March on Washington

BLOGS.THESCORE.COM 16 Hours Ago by Trey Kerby Justin Tinsley is a sportswriter who’s written for The Sports Fan Journal and The Smoking Section. 50 years ago this afternoon, perhaps America’s most recognizable speech and march took place in Washington, D.C. Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream Speech” may or may not have been … Continue reading

Ignore Those Teachers – Focus on the Students

SUCCESSINTHECLASSROOM.COM 5 Hours Ago by Sam on August 28, 2013 Hello again, I recently had a conversation with a good friend of mine who was beginning her first year as a teacher. Her name is Ana. I know when she told me she got the job, she was so happy. She was nervous and even … Continue reading

The Communication Skills Necessary For Effective Educators

By Leah Davies, M.Ed. Being able to communicate is vital to being an effective educator. Communication not only conveys information, but it encourages effort, modifies attitudes, and stimulates thinking. Without it, stereotypes develop, messages become distorted, and learning is stifled. Communication is the process of understanding and sharing information where listening plays an important role. … Continue reading

8 Principal Leadership Tips for the New Year

By Dr. Justin Tarte   1) – Building principals can’t invite ‘collaboration’ to happen; they must require collaboration to happen. Andy make it quite clear that to have an effective PLC school, there couldn’t be any independent contractors who were working in isolation doing their own thing. There is no such thing as the rogue educator … Continue reading

“The minute a leader allows himself/herself to become the primary reality people worry about, rather than reality being the primary focus, you have a recipe for mediocrity, or worse” Mindset—–Dweck

The 10 Demands Made 50 Years Ago at the 1963 March on Washington

CREWOF42.COM 19 Hours Ago FEATURED Posted by lauren victoria burke on August 24, 2013 at 4:58 PM Why are we here. What are we asking for? There was a rare shout out here and there but no consistent focus from the many speakers at the podium today on specific demands coming out of the 50th … Continue reading

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