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Truth: The Lynchpin of Good Leadership


by Todd Nielsen
Once upon a time, there was a great sports hero. He was considered the best in his field. He won several world titles, defeated a bout with cancer, and then won some more world titles. He was famous, people respected him and he earned a lot of money. To give back to the community, he started a charitable foundation and he was admired by all.

Then he lied… The end.

There are many qualities of leadership, but the adverse of many of those qualities can instantly derail all the good that a leader has accomplished. Lying is one of those things that can consume light. It can instantly destroy respect and trust.

Lying consumes light, destroys respect, and causes leaders to fail” ~ Todd Nielsen (Click to Tweet)

Leaders must tell the truth. There is absolutely no getting around this simple rule. The truth, when communicated regularly and in a timely fashion, is an essential play in a leader’s playbook, and results in an increase in morale and credibility.

I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche (Click to Tweet)

Increase in Morale

The truth improves morale, because it serves to detour rumors; keeping everyone aware of issues and what is happening around them. Without knowing the truth, and without being kept up to date on the truth, rumors can quickly circulate.

Increase in Credibility

The truth will always increase your credibility, and more rapidly, a lie will ruin your credibility… instantly. Leaders can tell the truth a thousand times, but one lie will ruin all of the trust they have built up. With great credibility and morale, a leader can move towards personal and organizational success.

So make it a personal motto to be a leader of integrity by telling the truth. Being honest with yourself and others will help to increase your respect, effectiveness, and ability to lead others, and your organization, to success.



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