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Decisions Don’t Start with Data by NICK MORGAN Comments (4) | May 14, 2014 I recently worked with an executive keen to persuade his colleagues that their company should drop a long-time vendor in favor of a new one. He knew that members of the executive team opposed the idea (in part because of their … Continue reading

A history of the African-American barbershop

MARKETPLACE.ORG 12 Hours Ago by Kai Ryssdal Black-owned barbershops are more than just places to get a shave and a haircut. Their position in American culture is well-known: They’re places to talk about the events of the day, to swap stories — and, according to Vassar College history Professor Quincy Mills, to let African-American men … Continue reading

Doing Less, Leading More

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW 21 Hours Ago by Ed Batista by Ed Batista | 10:00 AM December 17, 2013 Our first accomplishments as professionals are usually rooted in our skill as individual contributors. In most fields we add value in the early stages of our careers by getting things done. We’re fast, we’re efficient, and we … Continue reading

The Three Pillars of a Teaming Culture

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW 18 Hours Ago by Amy C. Edmondson by Amy C. Edmondson | 12:06 PM December 17, 2013 Building the right culture in an era of fast-paced teaming, when people work on a shifting mix of projects with a shifting mix of partners, might sound challenging – if not impossible. But, in my … Continue reading

9 Ways to Win Employee Trust

INC.COM 1 Day Ago by Geoffrey James If your employees trust you, they’ll go the proverbial extra mile but if they don’t, they’ll slack off, according to a recent survey by The Forum Corporation. Therefore, building trust is the best way to get the most from your employees. Here’s how: 1. Coach don’t command. Employees … Continue reading

Social media: Latest recruitment tool used by hotel chains to reach out with job openings

ECONOMIC TIMES 4 Hours Ago by Divya Sathyanarayanan MUMBAI: If you want a job in one of the big international hotel chains and in the unlikely event that you’re not on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn, better sign up for an account. Social media is the latest recruitment tool being used by leading chains to reach out to young … Continue reading


Think about someone you trust unconditionally. Is there anything you wouldn’t do for that person? Why? Here’s my answer: that person would never ask me to do something that was not in my best interest. Do you lead your organization such that everything you do results in the best outcome for the people you lead? … Continue reading

Profiting from players

At DePaul’s bookstore at the Lincoln Park campus, in the clearance section, is a small selection of generic Blue Demons basketball jerseys with the number 12 on them. It’s not hard to figure out that the number 12 on those jerseys belongs to Cleveland Melvin. Anyone who is buying is purchasing a Melvin jersey. Except … Continue reading

Tips to Leverage Business Relationships and Convert Them Into Paying Client Opportunities to create enduring client relationships present themselves daily

BLACKENTERPRISE.COM 4 Hours Ago by C. Daniel Baker Posted: September 27, 2013 Whether your company is a start-up or well established, opportunities to create enduring client relationships present themselves on a daily basis. These opportunity present themselves in the form of “basic” communications. Things like emails, meetings, presentations, proposals and follow up. These basic initiatives … Continue reading

Establish Trust: 5 Tips to Build Credibility for Business

SMALL BUSINESS TRENDS 2 Hours Ago by Shawn Hessinger In the age of the trust economy, credibility has become everything. That includes your personal credibility, the credibility of your brand, your business, your products and services and of everything else you do. Huge advertising budgets and PR campaigns are not a substitute for credibility. That’s … Continue reading

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