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Dyson on Peterson

OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR Punishment or Child Abuse? By MICHAEL ERIC DYSON SEPTEMBER 17, 2014 WASHINGTON — THE indictment last week of the N.F.L. player Adrian Peterson by a Texas grand jury for reckless or negligent injury to a child has set into relief the harmful disciplinary practices of some black families. Mr. Peterson used a “switch,” … Continue reading

The Root Cause Of The Black-White Learning Gap

FORBES 2 Days Ago by James Marshall Crotty I received an email from school choice advocates, the impressive Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO), a few days back, exclaiming that they were “appalled and dismayed at the discovery that at least 90 public schools in New York City failed to pass a single Black or … Continue reading

Basketball Coaching – Team Building Strategies – by Ari Fisher

The hardest thing for basketball coaches to accomplish is taking 12-15 kids whom all possess different views of life and mold a cohesive unit with a shared vision of what the coach wants to accomplish during a season. Many coaches talk about ‘family’; however building that feeling is more than a coach saying “you must … Continue reading

Restorative Practice–power of the circle


You, Me, and Our Relationship Makes Three

You, Me, and Our Relationship Makes Three.


State of Education for African American Students




When Civil-Rights Unity Fractured

FIFTY years ago this month, more than a thousand predominantly young, predominantly white volunteers arrived in Mississippi to help local blacks register to vote. “Freedom Summer” is remembered as both a high point of interracial democratic activism and a low point in racial violence, most notably in the brutal murder of three civil rights workers, … Continue reading

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